BMW 330d Sport Touring

John Barker
6 Feb 2012

It's valet time for John's BMW. And his 330d Touring's now looking as perky as the day it was made

Mr Tipper came to call just before Christmas, intent on working his magic on the 330d. It scrubs up well but is better from a distance, so leaving for work in Mrs B's car, I knew Perfection Valet had their work cut out. Eight hours later my headlamps swung into the driveway and there it sat, glistening in the darkness. It looked as though it had been glazed in honey, though as soon as I stepped out of the car there was the unmistakable whiff of high quality wax.
You can't help but grin when you see Mr Tipper's handiwork; it's your car, only cleaner and more shiny than you could imagine. It looked good enough for a motor show stand. Just as impressive was the interior, which looked spotless and had lawn-like stripes vacuumed into every carpet. Best of all was the transformation of the steering wheel. When I bought the 330 the shine on the leather rim was the biggest giveaway of the 125k miles it had covered. Not any more. Perfection had cleaned and treated the leather with Concept leather soap and conditioner, taking years off it.
Of course, halfway to work the next day it rained, but washing the car at the end of the week the dirt fell away. That's the idea of the finish applied - 'Wolfs Body Wrap', described as a 'Nano technology Hydrophobic Sealant'. Just after this I removed the intricate (read: hard to clean) MV2 alloys and replaced them with the set of regular E46 seven-spokes shod with Continental ContiWinterContact TS 830Ps. And since then it has been unseasonably, bafflingly mild, so the winning tyre from evo's recent Winter Tyre Test has not yet had the chance to do its stuff.
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