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Peugeot RCZ v Audi TT v Volkswagen Scirocco

The curvy new Peugeot RCZ battles its most talented coupe rivals, the Audi TT and Volkswagen Scirocco

It’s easy to be dismissive of coupes. After all, any car that has humble origins yet places look-at-me style uppermost in its list of priorities runs the risk of being branded vacuous and superficial, at least by keen drivers. Call it Victoria Beckham Syndrome.

Truth be told, when I got the call from evo HQ and was handed this assignment, I could feel those dismissive thoughts flash through my mind. I mean, Monkey Harris gets the plum MP4-12C gig while I get a trio of tarts’ handbags to mince around in. A less magnanimous man than I might feel affronted.

But after two days driving my favourite roads, some surprising straight-line performance benchmarking at the Millbrook Proving Ground and a bit of hoonage at the Bedford Autodrome, I’ll be forced to reconsider those early feelings of disappointment, for this will prove to be a thoroughly enjoyable test.

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