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Porsche 911 GT3 vs BMW M3 vs Clio 200 Cup vs Subaru WRX STI

As new technology and changing demands impact on our favourite performance cars, Jethro Bovingdon celebrates four greats from the soon-to-be old school: the Porsche 997 GT3, Renault Clio 200 Cup, BMW M3 and Subaru WRX STI

There will be no surprises today. No revelations or moments of clarity, no secrets to unlock. We’re on the sort of roads where we usually go in search of the substance behind the hype, the steel and sinew that you can’t glean from a spec sheet or even a glossy press launch on perfectly manicured, sun-drenched roads. If a car feels great here, in December, with the temperature hovering around 3deg C and the wind whipping through trees stripped to the bone, then it’s guaranteed to join the top table as one of our heroes. But today isn’t about that.

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