Honda Civic Type-R latest

23 Aug 2006

Honda's project leader explains the philosophy behind the Type-R

A stripped-out hardcore version of the next-generation Civic Type-R was considered but eventually ruled out on the grounds that there wouldn't be enough customers. However, there is still potential for a track-focused derivative, according to Mikio Suzuki, project leader for the new Type-R.

Talking to evo, Suzuki explained why it's also unlikely that there will be an even more hyper version of the car. ‘Boosting power [currently 197bhp] would be a key aspect of that sort of car, but as the engine is already very efficient, we would have to change many, many other things. That would have implications for fuel consumption, and at Honda we’re proud of our green credentials,' he said.

In terms of ride and handling, Suzuki cites the fact that the Civic has done so much testing in Europe as helping to ‘mature’ the Type-R. He also says that the latest regular Civic provides a much better base to work from than the last model.

As an intriguing insight as to how Honda views the Type-R, Suzuki told us: ‘We wanted to keep the original philosophy of the Type R – it should be like driving a race car on the circuit. So instead of focusing on sheer power we looked at the higher-level dynamics, where every element needs to be outstanding and lead towards an exhilarating driving experience.’

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