Rent a McLaren MP4-12C

Matthew Hayward
30 Mar 2012
Rent a McLaren MP4-12C

From 'just' £906 per day, you can rent a McLaren MP4-12C from Hertz Supercar

Should you find yourself needing a set of fast wheels for a few days, hire car company Hertz is now offering a McLaren MP4-12C out - from £906 per day, but as much as £1396 during peak times. Hardy cheap, but where else can you drive out in an MP4-12C and keep it to yourself for as long as you want?

Should you not want to drive the McLaren, there are a number of other exotics to choose from; including a Ferrari California (£652), Lamborghini Gallardo (£592) and the more sensible Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS cabriolet (£367). 

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