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Evo Readers Experience the Lotus Evora

Find out what happened at our exclusive Lotus track event

Here at Evo, we've been praising the abilities of the fabulous Lotus Evora for some time now. The naturally aspirated model is already an Evo Car of the Year award winner while the arrival of the new supercharged S version has made the car even more appealing

That's why we thought it would be good for some lucky Evo readers to see for themselves just what's so special about the British sports car. So we invited 40 to an exclusive Evora test drive event at Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire. Click on the video above to see what happened.

Organized by Lotus, it allowed our readers to experience what the car is capable of on both road and track. A selection of supercharged and naturally aspirated Evoras were available to try, while instructors were on hand to ensure everyone got the most out of their time with the cars and provide hot laps to show just how the Evora performs in the hands of a professional.

Many of our readers were already Lotus owners. In fact, Paul Cobbing, from Ascot, had bought an Evora only a month before but wanted to see how the supercharged S model compared.

After driving it he said: "I think it's a brilliant car, just fantastic. It's very quick, very punchy. There's a lot of speed there, especially up at the top of the rev range."

Holding the event at Silverstone was obviously a big draw to our readers. One had even flown in from the Continent.

Claude Moritz, from Strasbourg, said: "There is a Lotus day in France next week, but it is at a little circuit near Paris. And the idea that I could drive the car at Silverstone was really exciting."

While Claude owns two Elise models and a 1960s Elan, some guests hadn't even driven a Lotus before, let alone owned one. Dan Smith, from Berkhamsted, said: "You could say I'm a Lotus virgin. But I've come here because I'm looking for a car that can easily handle the odd track day and is also good to drive out on the road as well."

And after driving the Evora on the Silverstone circuit, he was certain it fitted the bill. "Absolutely superb," he said. "The way the nose tucks in for the apex of the turn makes it such a sweet handling car."

John McLean, from London, was also using the event as a shopping trip. He said: "I'm in the market for a new car and the Lotus Evora ticks a lot of the boxes. I have a couple of kids but still want something a bit sporty, so I'm here to have a shot today to see if it's going to be my next purchase."

We grabbed him just as he was pulling into the pits after 20 minutes on the track. Grinning, he said: "What a terrific car to drive. Round this circuit it's very quick and it handles fantastically well. I really enjoyed it. The Evora is now most definitely on my short list."

Likewise James Ebdon, from Twickenham, was looking for a new sports car to replace his Porsche Boxster S. Of the Evora S he said. "I've always wanted an Elise but need something a bit more practical. And the Evora has the same go-kart feel yet is quicker and a lot more comfortable. I'm very impressed."

It wasn't only our group of Evo readers who were singing the praises of the Evora, though. The car was also a hit with the pro drivers too.

Ian Ashley, who used to race Formula 1 back in the 1970s, said: "The Evora is very quick and extremely good to drive on a circuit. The balance is much like a racing car in the way it's agile and adaptable."

Overall, the event was a huge success for both Evo and Lotus. Summing up, Annie Groom, Global training Manager at Lotus, said: "The day has gone fantastically well. We've had a lot of people driving both the Evora and Evora S and it's nice to see them coming back in with big smiles on their faces."


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Find out what happened at our exclusive Lotus track event.
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