Breckland Beira: TVR successor from Norfolk

30 Jun 2008

Specialist produces own hairy- chested sports car with GM bits

The reborn MG SV-R isn’t the only British sports car making an impact this month (see here). This is the Breckland Beira. And we know what you’re thinking – yet another two-seat V8-engined convertible that will probably sink without trace.

Correct on the technical aspects, but there’s reason to be hopeful of this car having a brighter future, since Breckland is already a highly experienced low-volume sports car builder with clients including Mosler and Tommy Kaira.

This is the first car to wear the Norfolk firm’s own badge, and it uses some familiar hardware. Beneath the clean bodywork is the Kappa platform (which underpins the underwhelming Opel GT) and GM’s 6-litre LS2 V8, developing just under 400bhp. Expect the 1400kg roadster to deliver a sub-5sec 0-60mph time.

Contrary to early reports, Breckland is working on a right-hand-drive conversion for the Beira, which is expected to cost around £55,000 when it arrives this November.

According to director Mike Rawlings, ‘the Beira carries on from where Marcos and TVR left off’. Let’s hope it manages to avoid the same mistakes.

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