This month's evo: Issue 112

13 Nov 2007

Opinions fly, engines bark and facial hair bristles with intent as we bring together 2007's top dozen cars

eCoty teaser video

eCoty image gallery

Planet evo
We get under the skin of the new Nissan GT-R, and bring you all the coolest metal and hottest news from Tokyo

Alfa 8C competizione, Subaru Impreza STI, Subaru Impreza WRX, BMW 135i M Sport, Thurlby Astra T9, Westfield XI Jubilee

The perfect getaway car, rubbish motorsport, a dirty sponge and the case of the disappearing experts…

Cover story: eCoty 2007
The dozen preeminent cars of 2007 are brought together on mind-blowing roads and an amazing track. Opinions fly, engines bark and facial hair bristles with intent

eDoty 2007
It wasn’t all spiffing in 2007. There were disappointments, dullards, duffers and downright dogs too

Maserati 250F on the Nürburgring
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fangio’s legendary Grand Prix victory, Richard Meaden drives a 250F round the Ring

Pagani honours the Greatest
We’re there as Pagani sets a new Ring production car lap record with the Zonda F (for Fangio)

Apparently the national work- rate dips on the day the grey envelope lands on the mat

Lexus IS-F
This is Japan’s answer to Germany’s all-conquering triumvirate of supersaloons. With a V8 and an eight-speed gearbox, can the IS-F disrupt the axis of power?

Long-term tests
The Panda 100HP is bouncing off into the early GMT sunset this month while a new Audi S5 is slinking in under the cover of darkness and, after a faltering start, Simon George is starting to fully appreciate his new Lamborghini

The Knowledge
Not wishing to spoil your enjoyment of the substantial part of this issue, it's only fair to warn you that our 2007 Car of the Year is revealed somewhere within our listings

Icon: Alfa Romeo Montreal
The vents in the B-pillars allow air into the cockpit and are nothing to do with the engine, apparently

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