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2 Apr 2008

Ultimate Porsche test, Lexus IS-F v BMW M3 and Evo X RS, a weapons-grade whup-ass sort of car

Richard Porter has the lowdown on the weird and the weirder at the Geneva motor show, Europe’s most glamorous. Meanwhile, we take a look at the beating the car is taking from all sides, mostly with ‘green’ sticks. It ain’t pretty

Wiesmann GT MF4, Mercedes SL63 AMG, Aston Vantage RS, AC Schnitzer Z4

One reader explains that because the Jaguar XF has to be explained, it’s not going to succeed, while another reckons that the Audi R8 was unfairly beaten by the Nissan GT-R last month. Plus we have just a few of your letters in praise of the late Jeff Daniels

Ultimate Porsche test
New 911 GT2 versus 911 GT3 RS versus Carrera GT versus 993 GT2 – four of the meanest, fastest and most thrilling road cars from the finest minds at Weissach. Just one thing’s for sure: the winner is going to be a Porsche

Porsche 956
Handsome, aerodynamic, fast and reliable, and that’s just Derek Bell. He tells us what it was like to drive Porsche’s dominant sports racer of the ’80s, the 956

Porsche and shove
Finding your standard 911 Turbo a bit slow? Well you could always spend the same money again (quite possibly twice) with a Porsche tuning specialist like TechArt or Gemballa to turn it into something altogether faster, wilder and more attention-grabbing. Question is, should you?

Lexus IS-F v BMW M3
A Lexus that can teach a BMW M3 a thing or two? Sounds unlikely, but then so does the conjunction of a huge V8 and an eight-speed auto ’box. Henry Catchpole finds it finger-flicking good

Gearbox tech
AMTs, DSGs, DCTs, STDs… we take a look at the current state of play in the world of gearbox technology and put a number of designs through their paces

Evo X RS
The lightweight, rally-centric Mitsubishi Evo X RS is a weapons-grade whup-ass sort of car, so we sent David Vivian to try it out

The evo Grand Challenge pt4
It’s still all up for grabs (well, for three of the teams at least) and the West Circuit at the Bedford Autodrome is waiting…

Buying guide: Caterham R300, R400 and R500
Bag one of Caterham’s finest and feistiest Sevens at a bargain price now and count down the days to summer

Long-term tests
Simon George isn’t looking forward to his next credit card statement, but Jethro is laughing – he’s got a new BMW M3. Meanwhile, Peter Tomalin has taken delivery of a Subaru Impreza WRX

Rally virgins
Catchpole finds himself a rally car and he and co-driver Owen Brown start up the steep, muddy, tree-lined learning curve

Icon: Mercedes 300SL
Necessity, the mother of invention, gives us the gullwing door and a gorgeous sports racer. Here’s how it ended up becoming a road car

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