Porsche GT3 RS laps Ring

Chris Harris
26 Oct 2009

New Porsche 911 GT3 RS laps the Nürburgring Nordschleife in a rather quick time

Porsche loves the low key approach to Nordschleife time-attacks, and last week's session to see what the new 997 GT3 RS could manage was no exception.

Armed with a stopwatch, a crash hat, an RS and a sizeable pair of testicles, an unnamed Porsche test driver clocked a 7min33sec lap - that's seven seconds faster than the cooking GT3. He did this in some light traffic, and pulling data from earlier laps showed that the theoretical 'best lap' would have been 7m30s.

That compares to the Nissan GT-R’s 7m27.56s, while quicker lap records lie with the Gumpert Apollo (7m11.57s) and Radical SR8LM (6m48s), the latter a time that we help set a couple of months ago. Watch the video here.

Not that Porsche cares too much about the relative speed of the competition, or that the Corvette ZR1 and Nissan GT-R have all gone faster. I tried to coax them into making a few catty comments about the Americans and the Japanese, but it seems they've had enough of that banter.

There's one question I'd like answered though - what's the longevity of these road cars at such insane speeds. I mean, how many laps can a 1740kg GTR do sub-7m30s before the brakes melt and the tyres go pop? Likewise the 'Vette. I reckon we should push for a 4-lap challenge from now on. Were it possible, I reckon the Porsche might just get the job done.

Watch our Radical SR8 Nürburgring lap record video here

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