Low-spec GT 86 available in Japan: Low-spec GT 86 available in Japan

Matthew Hayward
8 Feb 2012

Details of a cheaper GT 86, available only in Japan, have surfaced online. Steel wheels and unpainted trim reduces the cost to just £16,200

By stripping out most of the equipment, fitting steel wheels and un-painted bumpers, Toyota has managed cut the base price of the rear-wheel drive coupe to 1,990,000 Yen, roughly equating to £16,200.

The new model, dubbed 'RC', appeals to those on a tight budget, and anyone looking to modify a GT 86 will find it a great base to start on, featuring exactly the same 200bhp flat-four engine and six-speed manual transmission as the more expensive models.

This RC won't be coming to the UK, and it's unlikely many will be sold in this configuration, but it's one of the cheapest ways into a 200bhp rear-wheel drive coupe.

As you might expect, Subaru has come up with its own equivalent, known as the BRZ RA, which unlike the Toyota, comes with painted bumpers and a bit more equipment, keeping the steel wheels. For this, you pay just under £17,000.

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