Ken Block's Gymkhana 5 video

Oli Hill
16 Jul 2012

Ken Block's latest video - Gymkhana Five - sees his Ford Fiesta performing some pretty wild stunts

Ken Block has unleashed his latest Gymkhana video. The Monster World Rally driver and DC shoe co-founder has been tearing about a traffic-free San Francisco in his 650bhp Ford Fiesta for your enjoyment, pleasure and pure disbelief.
Here Ken uses his highly tuned driving skills to burn the tyres on his turbocharged Fiesta down to the smoky canvas. In ten minutes the video exhibits the rally car’s incredible straight-line speed and spotless agility. Highlights include a close encounter with a moving tram and stunning air-time around the slopes of the city.
This is the fifth Gymkana video and there’s no denying that after the previous Hollywood installment it’s got some pretty high standards to smash. So Ken invited his two-wheeled companion Travis Pastrana to come and play in the urban expanse with his dirtbike. Together they form a slick motorised street dance routine.
Watch the video below for one of the most eventful drives around town you’ll ever witness.

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