Lightweight ATS Sport 1000 launched

Matthew Hayward
8 Nov 2012

A new lightweight track car from Italian company ATS has been launched. The 400kg Sport 1000 is available now from €25,000

Remember ATS? Well, the Italian racing car come sportscar manufacturer from the 1960s has been revived, and is now selling a £20k track day toy, called the ATS Sport 1000.

Weighing just 400kg, the Sport 1000 is powered by your choice of Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha or Kawasaki motorcycle engines, along with the a six-speed chain driven sequential gearbox with a Quaife ATB limited slip differential.

The chassis is built from stainless steel and aluminium panelling, which along with the fibreglass and Kevlar bodywork equals a 380kg dry weight. It has all-independent, double-wishbone suspension all-round, with fully-adjustable coilover shock absorbers.

The 1150kg of downforce, when the huge front and rear spoilers are fitted, means that the Sport 1000 can pull 4G of lateral G-force when fitted with track slicks. The car is on sale now, from €25,000 (£19,920 at current exchange rates).

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