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Aston Martin Centenary gallery

Aston Martin will be officially celebrating its 100th anniversary later in the month. Here's a gallery of some of the company's most memorable models

Aston Martin will officially celebrate its 100th anniversary on 15 January, and will be holding various celebrations throughout the year – including a huge Aston Martin festival taking place from 15-21 July, which includes open days and events at the company’s Gaydon headquarters as well as a concours event and Aston Martin Gathering in London.

Here’s a gallery of some of the most memorable Astons of recent history, as well as a video of perhaps the most extreme – the One-77.

Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
1. Aston Centenary

Oldest surviving Aston, the A3, meets the new Vanquish

2. Aston Centenary

Aston's new DB9 pioneered the lightweight bonded aluminium platform - still used today - and was the first model to be built at Gaydon.

3. Aston Centenary

The introduction of the 'baby' Aston in 2005 gave Porsche 911 buyers something to think about.

4. Aston Centenary

Built as a successor to the Lagonda and based on the DB9, the Rapide seamlessly made the transformation from two- to four-door.

Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
5. Aston Centenary

The combination of Aston's well-proven V12 engine and compact V8 Vantage body is rather a good one...

6. Aston Centenary

With 375bhp, the V8 Vantage was for a time the fastest car (in a straight-line) you could buy. Later cars had more than 400bhp.

7. Aston Centenary

The last of the old-school brawny Astons, with over 600bhp and a claimed 200mph top speed.

8. Aston Centenary

The latest Zagato model - this time based on the V12 Vantage - built to celebrate 50 years of successful collaboration.

Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
9. Aston Centenary

With a shortened wheelbase and double-bubble roof, the DB7 Zagato harked back to the DB4 GTZ.

10. Aston Centenary

Designed to be the most extreme Aston Martin ever, the company came up with the super-exclusive One-77 (video above).

11. Aston Centenary

Aston's first four-door saloon, the Lagonda, was based on the V8. Just seven were built.

12. Aston Centenary

The convertible version of the Zagato was sold almost exclusively in the USA, hence the AR1 (America Roadster) name.

Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
13. Aston Centenary

Since first appearing in Goldfinger, the DB5 has been a universally recognised motoring icon.

14. Aston Centenary

First Aston launched under Ford ownership, the 1994 DB7 saw a return to the in-line six engine, with the V12 Vantage coming in 1999.

15. Aston Centenary

Based on the DB9, the DBS was dynamically sharpened up - and given a much more aggressive look.

16. Aston Centenary

200mph V12 Vanquish was initially only offered with an automatic gearbox, although manual was an option in the last 'S' models.

Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
Aston Centenary
17. Aston Centenary

Aston once again joined forces with Zagato to produce the Vantage-based V8 Zagato.

18. Aston Centenary

V8 Vantage returned in 1993, now with 550bhp thanks to a supercharged 5.3 V8.

19. Aston Centenary

The Virage replaced the aging V8 models in 1989

20. Aston Centenary

2011 saw a return for the Virage nameplate, based on the DB9.

Aston Centenary
21. Aston Centenary

Originally revealed in 1976, it took a further two years to get the 'Wedge' to market due to problems developing the technology.