Nissan GT-R v2

14 Nov 2008

New and improved Series II GT-R to keep coupe on top of its game

We haven't seen official sales of the Nissan GT-R in the UK yet, but the brand is already fettling it and coming up with a newer, slightly tweaked version two. Anyone eagerly awaiting their pre-ordered Nissan super coupe needn't worry, as the changes should be pretty minimal - a 5bhp hike to 478bhp, a 1mpg rise in fuel economy to 24mpg (still not exactly green), and the fuel tank grows from 71 to 73.8 litres to help you crush continents or get to the Ring that bit quicker.

The brake calipers are now badged Nissan rather than Brembo, the company that makes them. Better news for those awaiting a 'Series I' is that they are paying five per cent less than potential 'Series II' owners for their new car...

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