Porsche Cayenne review - pictures, specs, price and more

David Vivian
13 May 2015

evo delivers its verdict on the entire Cayenne range

Evo Rating: 
£49,576 - £118,455
The planet's most talented SUV
the faint whiff of overkill

evo Verdict

From the wrong-headed model doubters feared would sink Porsche’s credibility to provider of the company’s fastest flowing revenue stream and the performance SUV standard the world has to beat, the Cayenne has come a long, long way in 13 years.

Smarter, cleaner and more mind-warpingly capable than ever, the refreshed nine-model line-up includes the first premium SUV to be available as a plug-in hybrid, a brace of diesels and the addition to the petrol engine line-up of a twin-turbo 3.6-litre V6 from the sportiest Macan.

The latest additions – the mighty Turbo S and more sharply driver-focused GTS – endow the hulking 4x4 with even more ballistic performance and bewilderingly agile handling on a twisty country road while the uprated standard kit, tech and connectivity compete with the best on the market.

There are better looking SUVs. Some have seven seats. Many are cheaper and offer more standard kit. But there isn’t one that can beat the Cayenne as an all-round proposition or driving experience.

The Diesel S is a fabulous thing period, the Turbo and Turbo S faster than you ever thought you’d need (until you drive them) and the GTS sharper and more fun than it has any right to be. The car that some said would bury its maker has ended up burying its critics which can only be good news for those who need what must, for now, be the ultimate SUV.

evo Tip

The V6 engine in the Cayenne S sounds rather frenetic and harsh when worked hard. With a little more power and the services of the standard-fit sports exhaust on GTS, however, it’s the sonic beans, encouraging you to exploit every one of its 434 horses. No, it doesn’t sound like a V8 but it is addictively growly at full chat and burbles sonorously at a canter.

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