Video: Rimac Concept One in action

Stephen Dobie
14 Dec 2011
Rimac Concept One electric supercar

evo Croatia gets an exclusive ride in an electric sports car that promises Bugatti Veyron power levels

evo Croatia has got its hands on the Rimac Concept One. Our European chums got an exclusive first ride in the electric sports car concept, which was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt moor show back in September. You can see it in action below.
The numbers are exceedingly promising. Four motors, each able to rev to 12,000rpm, are said to produce over 1000bhp and 2800lb ft of torque, hustling the 1.6-ton Rimac to 60mph in 2.8sec. Its top speed is 190mph, while a range of up to 373 miles is apparently possible on one charge.
These are all provisional numbers for now, the concept you see in this video just a show car. We look forward to finding out what the end result is like, though…

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