Volkswagen Golf R review - specifications, 0-60 time and price

David Vivian
8 Jul 2015

The best iteration of the Golf yet?

Evo Rating: 
Not just faster than a GTi but more fun too
But not quite the ultimate hot hatch

evo Verdict:

On paper, what is essentially a Golf GTI with more power and four-wheel drive doesn’t sound all that exciting yet, in the R, VW has made a genuinely rapid car with that rare knack of feeling totally secure and, at the same time, fantastically biddable, as if it were always working out the best way to extract the most pace from any given input on any given road.

Think of it as a Golf GTI with a reprogrammed ability map that comes into its own beyond 8/10ths, where the less powerful front-drive car would be starting to get distinctly ragged, and you’ll have a fair idea of the Golf R’s exceptional skill set.

If it lacks the nth degree of hardcore conviction and precision that make the RS Megane such a sublime driving tool, it arguably more than compensates with a fully-rounded repertoire of practical everyday abilities as well as the sophistication, myriad refinements and build excellence synonymous with the Golf. A potent package in every sense.

evo Tip

Attractive as the Golf R hatchback is, you might want to wait a little longer for the Estate version Volkswagen unveiled at the LA auto show. It will offer 605-litres of room with the seats up and a whopping 1620-litres with them folded flat. VW will be taking orders in the Spring for Summer delivery.

evo Comment

In mk7 form, the Golf R is a real have-cake-and-eat-it proposition: a thing of class and quality, but also a car that elevates the hot hatch to another level with its addictive combination of immense pace and a truly impressive and engaging driving experience. Few of us at evo felt we knew what to expect from it, but the Golf R is a revelation.

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