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2019 Volvo XC60 review - interior and tech

It’s a premium mid-sized SUV, so unsurprisingly popular, but is Volvo’s XC60 actually any good?

Evo rating
from £43,845
  • Solid, comfortable, safe and sophisticated, executed with a Swedish flair that now defines modern Volvos
  • Only really advisable as a cruiser; it just gets worse the sportier you spec it

Interior and tech

If you were to describe the current German aesthetic of car design, words like aggressive and dynamic would likely come to mind, but Volvo does things differently, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the XC60’s interior. Open a door and the actuation of the handle is gentle, the door seals make it easy to close behind you, and rather than an assertive thump, the audible quality is hushed and calm.

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That same feeling is spread throughout the interior as a whole, with a tangible sense that everything within the XC60’s cabin has been designed with a consistent ethos. The layout of the controls is familiar to other Volvo models, and is for the most part intuitive and easy to navigate. Aside from the lack of a physical temperature control, most other common-use functions still use buttons. Build quality is exceptional, and most of the plastics, short of a few on the centre console, are brilliant. Specify the R-Design trim and the interior choices are limited to black leather and fabric options, but choose Momentum or Inscription trims and you’ll also have lighter stone, caramel and brown options too, finished in a waxy high-quality Nappa leather in the case of Inscription models.

A TFT instrument cluster is standard-fit across the range, and although it might lack the outright configurability of an Audi virtual cockpit, the graphics are clear and menus easy to navigate. Other worthy mentions are the superb seats, which like all Volvo chairs are not only comfortable, but supportive and rarely leave you with a crookback, even over long distances.

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