Bussink Mercedes-AMG GT R Speedlegend revealed

Dutch entrepreneur Ronald Bussink has created a limited-run speedster based on the Mercedes-AMG GT R

Ferrari, Aston Martin and McLaren have all launched roofless speedsters in recent months, but Mercedes were arguably the first to go there with a modern model with the SLR Stirling Moss. So while it might be out of the loop in 2021, Dutch Ferris wheel designer Ronald Bussink has taken matters into its own hands, designing an open-top speedster based on the Mercedes-AMG GT R, removing its screen and increasing power in the process.

Limited to just five units worldwide, the Bussink GT R Speedlegend takes inspiration from the aforementioned 2009 SLR Stirling Moss and today’s Formula 1 cars. After over a year of development, the finished model was displayed at the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix.

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Designed and produced in collaboration with German-based HWA AG, the company behind many Mercedes-AMG components, drastic measures have been taken in order to convert the supercar. A-pillars have been all but removed, with the windows lowered to match. Its folding roof has also been ditched entirely in the process. As it started out as a roadster, no additional reinforcement has been fitted, resulting in a 100kg drop in weight compared to the standard GT R Roadster – this brings its kerb weight to around 1500kg, similar to the range-topping Black Series.

In order to ensure safety of occupants, the GT R’s roll bars have been completely redesigned, now housed within two buttresses behind each headrest. A more direct inspiration from Formula 1 is the ‘Speedbow’, a halo-esque carbon fibre piece fitted between the bonnet and rear deck – though it improves safety, it is also used to house a unique Y-shaped cabin light and the buttons usually found on the windscreen rail of the standard car.

Elsewhere, the GT R has received aggressive louvres on the front arches, with every new trim piece finished in exposed carbonfibre. The front end from the AMG GT R Pro can also be to further increase downforce as an option.

Bussink is also offering a power upgrade package to take the GT R to 838bhp – an impressive 261bhp more than standard and 118bhp more than even the GT Black Series. Combine this with its new c1500kg kerb weight and you’ll find it has 550bhp/ton, matching the power-to-weight ratio of the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Being a limited-run model, buyers can opt to have it in virtually any spec they desire, with seats able to be trimmed with any colour of stitching and can even feature the Y pattern created by the ‘Speedbow’. As it requires a helmet to drive, one also comes as part of the package, painted in a matching shade to the exterior colour of the car and featuring the build number.

All five have already been snapped up at an undisclosed sum, but keep your eyes peeled, as Bussink says it has more projects in the pipeline.

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