Range Rover Evoque SD4

Mike Duff
2 Jul 2012

Mike Duff takes the Evoque to a local off-road course, but how well does the Land Rover cope?

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It looks like the Evoque is already high on the ‘guilty pleasures’ lists of various evo team members – one month in and several have already sidled over to me since taking a turn and made both appreciative and slightly surprised noises: ‘It’s quite good, isn’t it?’

Well, yes – that’s what it’s doing here in the first place. The bigger question is whether we can regard something with a transverse four-cylinder engine and a part-time four-wheel-drive system as being a worthy carrier of the Range Rover badge. Which is why I chose to throw it in at the deep end.

Actually, the steep end – on the off-road course favoured by our sister magazine Land Rover Monthly. The Evoque wasn’t up to tackling the bigger obstacles, but it still put in a decent performance when asked to deal with some properly steep climbs and descents, finding strong traction despite road-biased rubber and with its clever hill-descent system twanging the brakes to keep speed in check on the downward bits.

It’s no Defender 90 – lack of ground clearance means that any attempts to travel into the proper wilderness will produce some very expensive noises from the underside. (And yes, I scratched the front bumper getting up one of the banks.) But it’s certainly better off-road than – at a rough guess – 99.97 per cent of its audience will ever have cause to find out.

On road, it’s still impressive, largely because, unlike many of its soft-road rivals, it’s not trying to be some ramped sports car with over-firm springs and too-quick steering. The Evoque rolls along with an imperious, long-legged gait that really suits it – communicating its modest limits and seeming to enjoy occasionally finding them. I love it.

> Range Rover Evoque review here

Running Costs

Date acquired March 2012
Total mileage 4827
Costs this month £0
Mileage this month 3177
MPG this month 32.9

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