Skelta comes to UK

Stephen Dobie
6 Nov 2009

Good news! Skelta is bringing its individual take on the track car to the UK

Skelta’s sports cars are finally coming to the UK. We drove the lovely G-Force back in the middle of 2008, pronouncing that it ‘goes better than it looks’. It’d be very disappointing if it didn’t…

In all seriousness though, it’s a good bit of kit. It mates a lightweight, carbonfibre composite construction to your choice of two pretty potent engines. You can have either a supercharged version of the Honda S2000’s 2-litre VTEC engine – with 340bhp – or a 3-litre Hartley V8 with 460bhp. Both engines are driven via a Honda six-speed gearbox, and with just 720kg of car to shift, provide more than decent performance.

Of more prominence, you’re probably thinking though, is the styling. Skelta describes the combination of heavily finned front air intakes and the less than subtle rear wing as ‘cutting-edge aerodynamics’, with 200kg of downforce produced by the latter at 90mph.

The car was born out of an ambition to win the 2000km Targa Tasmania rally, and it’s actually come close to achieving it, winning various events throughout Australia and New Zealand. Skelta says its cars could be for you ‘whether you want to compete in sprints and hillclimbs, clean up in GT racing, participate in trackdays, or simply motor through the summer sun to your local pub’. Perhaps half a dozen pints at the latter will make it more appealing to look at.

Two bodystyles are available, the open-top Spyder (the trackday-goers choice) and the G-Force, with a detachable targa top. The G-Force kicks off the range, starting at £66K with the Honda unit, while Spyders with the same engine cost £99K. If you’re tempted by either, Skelta will be displaying them at January’s Autosport show at the Birmingham NEC.

You can find out more at Skelta's official website, while you can click to read our Skelta G-Force review.

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