Brabus announces the SL65 Vanish

Arron Gardner
20 May 2010

800bhp and 1000lb ft of torque for Brabus' one-off Vanish. 0-60mph in 3.6sec and over 200mph.

Take a 670hp SL65 AMG Black Series, add a pinch of Brabus, and what do you get? The Brabus T65RS “Vanish”. A one-off commissioned by a Middle Eastern customer, the Vanish develops 788hp and 1047lb ft of torque.

The standard SL Black is no slouch, posting a 0-62mph of 3.8sec and a limited top speed of 198.8mph, but the Vanish lops a further 0.2sec off the sprint time and will top 205mph. Under the bonnet there are a pair of beefier turbos and a bigger exhaust system and to house the new turbos, the bonnet had to be altered to fit (giving the customer an opportunity to splash out on a bit more carbon fibre).

Alongside this, a new gearbox and uprated brakes allow the Vanish to handle the extra 130hp, while the cabin has been reworked in Mastik (no, we’ve no idea either) leather and alcantara with contrast red stitching.

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