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28 Feb 2012

All-new Porsche 911 - the definitive test v Aston, Audi R8, BMW, Jaguar, Lotus, Maserati, Mercedes AMG and Nissan GT-R. Audi A1 quattro driven, Renault Clio 200 vs Golf GTI 35

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Some exciting new hot hatches lurk on the horizon – including a sensational new Mercedes A-class AMG…

First drives

Morgan’s new Plus 8, the hardcore Porsche Panamera GTS and new 911 cabrio plus Alfa Romeo’s first twin-clutch gearbox and a special BMW 5-series are among this month’s new reviews

Mourning the end of manual gearboxes; and does washing your car make it faster?

New Porsche 911: the definitive test
In one of 2012’s most crucial tests, not one but two new 911s head to our favourite Welsh roads to meet a welcoming party that’s anything but. The 3.4-litre 911 Carrera tackles M3, XKR, Evora S, C63 AMG and GT-R in south Wales. We then drive the winner to Snowdonia where it joins Vantage S, R8, M5, XKR-S and GranTurismo S to battle the 3.8-engined 911 Carrera S. By the end we’ll know who makes the world’s best sports car

Audi A1 Quattro
An A1 supermini that costs forty grand? Has Audi gone crackers? We drive the all-wheel-drive, 253bhp quattro to find out

Seven in the snow
You can put winter tyres on just about anything now, Caterhams included. Henry Catchpole deliberately heads for some snowy European mountains…

Bentley GTC in Spain
…while Harry Metcalfe inadvertently does the same while trying a Spanish coast-to-coast in Bentley’s new V8 Conti cabrio

3000km in a new 3-series

Drive a 320d across Europe, with some tough challenges to complete on the way? Sounds like a job for the office new boy

Long-term tests
The boss sells his Clio V6 and our Polo GTI’s gone back; was its DSG gearbox a help or a hindrance?

evo Knowledge
The mk1 Audi TT is far from a tart’s handbag. It can make a cheap and capable track toy. Buying guide here

Track battle
Renault Clio 200 Raider versus VW Golf GTI 35: which bells’n’whistles-spec hot hatch is quicker round the West Circuit?

Me and my car
Meet the man restoring a Ferrari 355 that had been ravaged by fire

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