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Toyota reaches 200 million cars

Toyota has been building vehicles since August 1935, and the company has just built its 200-millionth...

It isn’t every day that a car company announces that it has built its 200-millionth car, but last month Toyota passed the monumental milestone.

It has taken Toyota 76 years and 11 months to do it, and the company’s biggest seller so far has been the Corolla, which has sold a combined 39.08 million units since it was launched in 1966.

Of the 200 million, more than 145 million of them were produced in the Toyota’s home country of Japan, with the remainder rolling off production lines around the world in the US, Australia, Czech Republic, France, Portugal, Turkey, Russia and the UK – as well as many others.

Here's a gallery of just some of Toyota's greatest hits:

Toyota Corolla Liftback (AE86)
Toyota 2000GT
Toyota Supra
Toyota MR2
1. Toyota Corolla Liftback (AE86)

2. Toyota 2000GT

3. Toyota Supra

4. Toyota MR2

Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota Hilux
Toyota Corolla Sprinter
Toyota Corolla Levin Apex Coupe
5. Toyota Land Cruiser

6. Toyota Hilux

7. Toyota Corolla Sprinter

8. Toyota Corolla Levin Apex Coupe

Toyota Corolla FX GT
Toyota Celica Supra
Toyota Yaris
Toyota Celica GT4
9. Toyota Corolla FX GT

10. Toyota Celica Supra

11. Toyota Yaris

12. Toyota Celica GT4

Toyota Aygo
Toyota Altezza (Lexus IS200)
Toyota GT 86
Toyota MR2 Mk1
13. Toyota Aygo

14. Toyota Altezza (Lexus IS200)

15. Toyota GT 86

16. Toyota MR2 Mk1