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LA Show gallery: the stars

Here's our pick of some of the best cars from the 2012 Los Angeles motor show

Detroit might be motor city, but the Los Angeles motor show has become the one that manufacturers seeing to show off their new cars to the US market tend to favour, and 2012 was no exception. 

As always, a fair number of the launches and unveils were for cars of little interest to European buyers. But LA also gave us first sight of some significant new models, as well as giving American visitors the chance to get close to other cars and concepts that have already been seen elsewhere.

This is our highlights reel of some of the stars of the show...


Jaguar XFR-S
Porsche Cayman
Mercedes Ener-G-Force
Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series
1. Jaguar XFR-S

The quickest Jaguar saloon ever made its debut here in LA - rear wing looks more STI than Jag though...

2. Porsche Cayman

Not really pushing boundaries - but there was nothing much wrong with the original Cayman. We're really looking forward to this one

3. Mercedes Ener-G-Force

XXL SUV concept based on 'what the car of 2025' will look like. Looks suited to surviving a zombie apocalypse to us

4. Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series

The hardest-cored Mercedes for a generation promises to redress criticism that the SLS is a bit of a softie...

Acura/ Honda NSX Concept
Lexus LF-CC
Mercedes SLS GT
BMW i8
5. Acura/ Honda NSX Concept

It's a whole year since we first saw the NSX Acura concept - we should see production-ready version next year

6. Lexus LF-CC

A concept that we've seen at other shows before - but still a promising new direction for Lexus. 

7. Mercedes SLS GT

As well as the introduction of the new SLS Black Series, LA show visitors also got a chance to get close to the new GT version

8. BMW i8

The new i3 Coupe Concept won most attention, but the forthcoming i8 sportscar is still the handsomest electric car