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50 years of McLaren gallery

McLaren has created some of the most stunning road and racing cars since it was founded 50 years ago. Which is your favourite?

McLaren is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and since New Zealand-born racing driver Bruce McLaren founded his very own racing team in 1963 – the racing team has gone from strength-to-strength, winning over 182 races, 8 constructors’ and 12 drivers’ championships. Bruce McLaren.

McLaren Automotive, the road car arm of the company, was actually founded back in 1989 by company director Ron Dennis. The main goal was to create road cars using the latest Formula 1 technology. With the introduction of the McLaren F1 in 1992, the company succeeded in spectacular style.

This video was produced by McLaren to pay tribute to the company’s founder, who died racing at Goodwood in 1970. This is the first of three McLaren 50th videos – the next two parts will be released later in the year.

McLaren M7C
McLaren M6GT
McLaren MP4/1
McLaren F1
1. McLaren M7C

Papaya orange grand prix car from 1969, seen here alongside the 12C Spider.

2. McLaren M6GT

Built with the intention of going long-distance racing, the project was never completed. Just two prototypes were produced.

3. McLaren MP4/1

The first in a long-line of MP4 F1 cars started right here, featuring a new carbon fibre monocoque chassis.

4. McLaren F1

Quite simply one of the most spectacular cars ever built, holding the production car top speed record for many years.

McLaren F1 racer
Mercedes SLR
12C GT3
5. McLaren F1 racer

The McLaren F1 entered the Le Mans 24 Hours race in 1995, taking one of the most amazing wins in the history of Le Sarthe.

6. Mercedes SLR

Engineered and built by McLaren, the 626bhp V8-powered SLR was much more a GT than an all-out hypercar.

7. MP4-12C

McLaren's first supercar since the F1 features Formula 1-inspired technology to provide its thrills.

8. 12C GT3

Like the F1, McLaren's 12C has proved highly successful in motorsport over a short period of time.

McLaren X-1
P1 prototype
P1 testing
2013 McLaren MP4-28
9. McLaren X-1

It's pure 12C underneath, but you can't deny this love-or-hate one-off design really stands out.

10. P1 prototype

First revealed at the 2012 Paris show, the P1 will take on the next generation of hypercars.

11. P1 testing

McLaren says the P1 is now in the final test and development stages - and will be coming to the Geneva motorshow...

12. 2013 McLaren MP4-28

McLaren's newest F1 car – heading into the 2013 season with high hopes.