Porsche Cayman technical drawing gallery

Stephen Dobie
12 Feb 2013

Porsche marks the launch of its second-gen Cayman coupe with a bunch of amazing technical drawings

Porsche has officially launched its second-generation Cayman coupe this week. You can read a review on evo.co.uk in the coming days. Normally when a launch event like this takes place, a manufacturer will issue a plethora of pictures to help magazines and websites illustrate their reviews. This usually means a few photos of the car moving, an interior picture, a shot of the engine and possibly something a bit lifestyle-esque involving golf clubs.
The Cayman launch has seen Porsche go one better, though. We’ve dug out this set of nerdy (but excellent) technical drawings, highlighting everything from the longitudinal, mid-mounted 3.4-litre engine from the Cayman S to the clever torque vectoring system and the use of weight-saving aluminium in the new coupe’s body.
Pore over the pictures below, and click to enlarge them. And keep your eyes peeled for our new 2013 Porsche Cayman review soon. Can it hope to topple the more expensive 911 this time around?

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