McLaren P1 review - prices, specs and 0-60 time

Jethro Bovingdon
6 May 2015

McLaren has created another devastatingly fast performance car

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Staggering performance, technology, capability
Some turbo lag noticeable

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We've never been in a better era for supercars, despite fears the genre would diminish with environmental concerns. Instead, manufacturers like McLaren, with its staggeringly capable P1, have embraced hybrid technology to create vehicles capable of far more than we ever could have imagined.

The P1 is a completely different beast to its iconic predecessor, the F1, but where the F1 shunned technology in pursuit of driving purity, the P1 uses it to its advantage. Hybrid power, turbocharging, active suspension and adjustable aerodynamics make it dramatic on the road and race-car fast on a circuit. Ultimately, the F1's genius means it can never be truly eclipsed, but the P1 is a bold, remarkable product in an era of equally brilliant vehicles.

evo Comment

'Road noise thrums around the cockpit, the clatter of the odd stray chipping reminding you of the P1's carbon construction. However, the main source of noise is the engine. There's an apparently endless repertoire of grisly, respiratory coughs, gurgles and hisses as turbo boost ebbs and flows. Depending on your mood, it can be tremendously exciting or rather annoying, but it does make the P1 feel like it's coming to life beneath your right foot.' - Richard Meaden, Contributing Editor (evo 205)

evo Tip

Recently, rumours circulated that the McLaren P1 would be the first production car never to depreciate. There's method behind the madness: McLaren F1 prices are rising fast which acts as a halo on McLaren's latest range topper, P1 production was deliberately kept low, and there are far more potential buyers than there are cars available. Essentially, if you want a McLaren P1, now is the time to buy. You'll pay over the odds, but you'll also pay less than you will in a year's time.

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