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The evo supercar tour

Gallery of the weird and wonderful supercars that drove in convoy from London to Silverstone

On Friday May 1 evo took part in the Silverstone Supercar Tour, which started at the RAC Club in London's Pall Mall at 10am and ended with several laps of the Grand Prix circuit at Silverstone. Scroll down for a few pictures from the event.

50 supercars took part in the convoy (which was organised in order to deliver the wonderful Tourist Trophy to Silverstone for this Sunday's FIA GT Championship race) including cars as wide ranging as a mad 550bhp Detomaso Pantera, a brand new Bentley Brooklands, 17 Ferraris in every shape and size available and evo's long term Pagani Zonda C12S.

The high speed convoy was escorted out of London by a team of eight expert Police outriders who stopped all traffic and gave us free reign to pass through red lights as required. Even the A40 Westway was halted to let us drive through unheeded.

It was a real blast for all those lucky enough to be taking part and also seemed to go down well with all the spectators lining the route through Central London. Our thanks go out to the Police for allowing such an event to take place in these restrictive times. There be more details of the tour in next months issue of evo. View the evo supercar tour video

The tour begins...
Mosler MT900
A TVR Typhon!
DB9, Pantera, Vanquish
1. The tour begins...

2. Mosler MT900

3. A TVR Typhon!

4. DB9, Pantera, Vanquish

A wide range of cars
DBS and Skyline
Mosler and outrider
Rog sets up camera
5. A wide range of cars

6. DBS and Skyline

7. Mosler and outrider

8. Rog sets up camera

A varied grid!
DeTomaso Pantera
Tea break for Plod
Harry chats up the escort
9. A varied grid!

10. DeTomaso Pantera

11. Tea break for Plod

12. Harry chats up the escort

Not a bad view
Harry's Zonda
A lovely F355
Lapping Silverstone
13. Not a bad view

14. Harry's Zonda

15. A lovely F355

16. Lapping Silverstone