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26 Apr 2011

Turbo special: F40 v XJ220 v Noble M600 v Porsche GT2 RS, 911 Turbo v Escort Cosworth v Skyline GT-R v Maserati Ghibli v Renault R26.R, Ferrari FF review, Ford Focus ST buying guide

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Still worried about what Lotus is up to? So are we, so Harry ‘Donal’ Metcalfe has been to Hethel to find out. Elsewhere, BMW has unveiled a very cool lightweight M3 saloon concept…

Lots of new performance cars go under the evo microscope, including the Ferrari FF, Ariel Atom Mugen, Caterham Supersport, Range Rover Evogque and a Superships tuned Renaultsport Megane 250

The McLaren MP4-12C debate rages on. Richard ‘Understeer’ Porter gets a dressing down about front-wheel drive too

Biography of the turbo
Where did all the huffing and puffing, chirruping and tweeting begin? John ‘Boost’ Barker has the answers

The Cult Of The Turbo: GT2 RS v F40 v XJ220 v Noble M600
Leading our turbo celebration, four of the most exciting turbo cars ever created. Two of them are hot off the production line – the new Noble M600 (now with carbon body) and Porsche 911 GT2 RS – the other two are icons of the supercar dynasty – the XJ220 and the Ferrari F40. Chris ‘TV’ Harris nails the throttle in all four and waits… Preview video here!

900bhp GT-R
We couldn’t possibly have a turbo celebration without including a nutty Nissan GT-R. This one’s called Thor and has 900bhp. David ‘Thunder’ Yu drives it

Turbos in motorsport
Turbocharging has created some memorably terrifying competition cars. We talk to the heroes that tried to tame them

930 Turbo v R32 GT-R v Escort Cossie v Ghibli Cup v R26.R
Turbocharging hasn’t just made supercars exciting. Richard ‘Skilz’ Meaden takes us on a journey through five laggy, but definitely not leggy, cult turbo cars

Future turbos
The new BMW M5 is going to be turbocharged and so are some very exciting cars from Alfa, Saab and Audi. We tell you what to expect

Red Victor
A 1972 Vauxhall Victor with a pair of turbos the size of satellite dishes. Andy Frost’s legendary creation is getting even madder
The thrill of driving in 1911
The Vauxhall C10 was Britain’s first sports car. Henry ‘Whiskers’ Catchpole dons the tweed and takes a step back in time

Long-term tests
We wave a fond farewell to the M3 this month, while a 911 has been having its rear end lightened

Me and My Car: David Brown and his Jaguar E-type
We assume it’s irony that he owns a Jaguar rather than an Aston. He certainly uses his E-type, though

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