New Audi A1

Harry Metcalfe
30 Nov 2009

Audi reveals more details of its A1 mini hot hatch, which takes aim at the Mini Cooper

Audi has revealed more information about its new A1 baby hot hatch.

It will intially only be available as a three-door, with the range starting at around £13,000. An Audi spokesperson said the best selling Mini in the range is the Cooper and this is where the A1 will be aiming both barrels, hence the £13k price point. This means a realistic on-the-road price of £15k, once a few essential extras are added. Audi has no desire to go any further downmarket with the car, so it’s not planning any Mini 'First' type models with the A1. Its premium position in the supermini market will be preserved.

The brand expects many buyers to go for the premium options, so a fully-equipped example of a top A1 version could end up costing well over £20,000, once it’s left the showroom. Much of the mechanicals will be shared with the new VW Polo (crowned Car of the Year today), although the badging on the A1 will not reveal the size of the engine fitted. Audi want to get away from using engine size as a model designator as engines will be getting smaller in the future and buyers don't like showing to the world they are downsizing.

Sales will begin at the end of 2010 but the real sales push will be in 2011. Audi realises the maintenance package BMW has been offering on its cars is highly attractive to buyers and so want to introduce a similar scheme themselves on the A1. Expect a three-year servicing package to cost around £500.
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