Porsche Cayman GT4 review - the ultimate drivers' Porsche?

Dan Prosser
11 Mar 2016

The Cayman we've all been waiting for

Evo Rating: 
Looks; attitude; exquisite chassis balance; price; 'that' manual gearbox
Gear ratios still feel too long; they've all been sold

evo Verdict

The Porsche Cayman GT4 is simultaneously hugely desirable and hugely frustrating. Desirable, because it’s the Cayman we’ve been waiting for since Porsche first released its mid-engined, closed-roof sports car in 2005 – one developed by Porsche Motorsport.

And frustrating because so few will ever get to experience it, their efforts curtailed by limited production, and market forces that are sure to push prices up for the foreseeable future.

That shouldn’t take away from the Cayman GT4’s abilities though. In evo 208, we said that it ‘deliberately puts driver enjoyment above the pursuit of raw performance.’ We admire the concept, then, and the execution is even better.

evo Tip

Not that you have much choice now all GT4s have been accounted for, but we’d recommend finding a car with the optional CFRP-backed bucket seats. Firstly, it’d be a shame to deny the car an option that suits its ethos so closely; secondly, it’s another step towards providing the driver with the kind of interaction the GT4 already serves up so comprehensively.

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evo Comment

‘If you’re up for it, the GT4 thrives on being freed from any electronic intervention, because once you get truly dialled-in to its responses and balance, you can really attack through the turns. As you’d expect – and want – it’s beautifully neutral, with a hint of steadying understeer when you breach the limit. It gives you the confidence to push hard, but it also gives you the option to tweak the balance with a subtle lift of the throttle…from here you can delicately reintroduce the power to get the GT4 at a delicious phase where it seems to float, rear-end just beginning to slip, but only requiring the tiniest steering correction to balance.’ Richard Meaden, contributing editor (evo 208)

Performance and 0-60mph time > The quickest Cayman yet, but notable for the quality of its performance more than the quantity - even if it lags a 911 GT3 on both. Read about the Cayman GT4's performance and 0-60 time

Engine and gearbox > Cribs its engine from the 911 Carrera S - a 3.8-litre Powerkit unit with 380bhp. The sole gearbox is a six-speed manual; it's sweet to use, but hampered by long gearing. Read about the Cayman GT4's engine and gearbox

Ride and handling > Sublime. As sweetly-balanced as a standard Cayman, but response and grip are increased by a rather large notch over even a Cayman GTS. Read about the Cayman GT4's ride and handling

MPG and running costs > Respectable economy when driven gently, though insurance and tax are steep. Tyres for the 20in wheels aren't cheap either. Read about the Cayman GT4's running costs

Prices, specs and rivals > Standard pricing looked like great value, but since all are sold you'll likely pay nearer £100,000 now. Few rivals get close. Read about the Cayman GT4's rivals

Interior and tech > Fantastic driving position and as well-built as any Porsche. Not over-endowed with in-car toys, but if you want those then perhaps a car like the GT4 isn't for you. Read about the Cayman GT4's interior and tech

Design > The Cayman is an attractive car as standard and the GT4 builds on that with aggression. Less in-your-face than a GT3, but still purposeful. Read about the Cayman GT4's design

Videos > Watch our first drive review video and initial technical preview of the Cayman GT4 here.

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