BMW M5 review - the ultimate super saloon


Incredible performance matches ultimate luxury

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Blend of performance, dynamics and everyday usability is unrivalled in this class
Lacks the raw intensity of the previous V10 model

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No other super saloon offers the BMW M5’s combination of mind-bending straight-line performance, dynamic ability and everyday usability. Some will mourn the loss of the previous M5’s manic V10, but the new 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 returns even more performance and uses less fuel. The F10 generation’s dual-clutch gearbox is a vast improvement over the old car’s SMG ‘box, too. 

This M5 is an altogether more refined machine than the E60 version, but it still boasts class-leading dynamics and a degree of agility that sits completely at odds with the near two-tonne kerb weight. Whereas the current generation M3 and M4 models are less than convincing in their dynamic make-up, the M5 is perfectly judged. 

The restrained, but handsome exterior styling and superbly appointed cabin simply complete the package. This M5 is a high water mark both for BMW and for the super saloon as a whole. 

evo Tip

For those buyers for whom the standard car’s 552bhp just isn’t enough, BMW offers two options. The first is the £6700 Competition Package, which adds 15bhp, sports suspension, a more vocal exhaust and bigger wheels. 

Beyond that, the limited edition 30 Jahre model, which celebrates 30 years of the M5, offers 592bhp. That makes it the most powerful BMW road car ever. It’ll set you back £91,890, though, and with the production run limited to just 300 units worldwide getting hold of one won’t be simple.

BMW M5 video review

evo comment

‘The M5 has long been the definitive super saloon and this latest version is no exception. It is everything that we love about M-cars – fast, fun to drive, great to look at and lovely to be sat in. 

‘It doesn’t quite have the same ‘four-door supercar’ feel of the previous E60 model, but it is altogether more useable as an everyday car and buyers love it for that.’ Dan Prosser, road test editor.

Performance and 0-60 time > The F10 m5 is one of the fastest saloon cars currently on sale. The twin-turbo V8 delivers a hugely impressive 0-62mph time of 4.3 seconds. The Ultimate edition 30 jahre will dip below the four-second mark. Read about the BMW M5's performance here
Engine and gearbox > The M5’s new 4.4 litre twin-turbo engine may lack some of the character of the previous V10 model, but it has masses more power and torque than its predecessor. Read about the BMW M5's engine and gearbox here
Ride and handling > The M5 delivers comfort when you need it and feedback and grip when you push on. A fantastic all rounder. Read about the BMW M5's ride and handling here
MPG and running costs > With a 4.4 litre twin-turbo V8, the M5 is never going to be a cost effective car, but BMW claims 28.5mpg which is better than its predecessor. An 80-litre fuel tank extends your range to 400 miles. Read about the BMW M5's MPG and running costs here
Prices, specs and rivals > The basic price of £73,960 might be steep, but the M5 comes with every major option available on a 5-series. The M5 does have to deal with rivals like the Mercedes E63 AMG. Ultimately the M5 is the super saloon of choice. Read about BMW M5 rivals here
Interior and tech > A fully loaded M5 is a serious tech showcase and BMW’s iDrive remains one of the best in car systems out there. Read about the M5's interior and tech here
Design > The BMW M5 isn’t an overstated car, but BMW has perfected hiding the car’s performance potential, yet delivering just enough hints to keep the looks exciting. Read about the BMW M5's design here

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