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Minerva's Belgian supercar apes McLaren P1

The Minerva J.M. Brabazon is a LaFerrari and McLaren P1 aping hybrid supercar with an old fashioned name

Minerva J.M. Brabazon hybrid supercar front

Another week, another obscure supercar unveiling. What sets the Minerva J.M. Brabazon apart is its heritage, and the fact its quirky name has some provenance.

Minerva is a Belgium-based company, and a name that operated between 1902 and 1956, initially making luxury cars before producing a licenced version of the original Land Rover for the Belgian army.

J.M. Brabazon is the name of a British duke who raced for Minerva back in the good old days, but it’s a distinctly odd choice as a moniker for this car. While it doesn’t appear to exist beyond these renderings for now, the Brabazon is set to be a twin-turbo V12 hybrid supercar. The engine sits in the middle, while there’s an electric motor on each wheel.

That makes it four-wheel drive, though the engine’s power (and therefore the bulk of the Minerva's output) is likely to be directed through the rear axle, which gets a limited-slip differential. There will also be a sequential gearbox. There’s no word on how much power the Minerva supercar will have (or the size or source of its engine), but a ‘one to one’ power-to-weight ratio is promised. If the Brabazon weighs a similar 1300kg to its hybrid supercar rivals, such as the new LaFerrari, that suggests around 1300bhp. Given Minerva’s aims of a 250mph top speed, power like that is essential…

The Minerva J.M. Brabazon uses a carbon chassis, like the McLaren a P1, a car its styling appears to have been heavily influenced by. There are also elements of Artega GT in its appearance.

No firmer details are yet available, but we’ll follow up with more information as it arrives.


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