2013 Honda NSX concept

Stephen Dobie
15 Jan 2013

Honda unveils its updated NSX supercar concept at the 2013 Detroit motor show

A revised version of the Honda NSX concept has been unveiled at the 2013 Detroit motor show. It comes one year after the original debuted at the same show, and after a rapturous reception, changes have been few. In fact, they’re almost impossible to spot, amounting to some slight light, grille and vent tweaks and a more finely-crafted (and therefore less production-likely) set of alloy wheels.

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Bigger news is the first peek inside. The car’s design boss stresses this is just a first go at the interior, but it looks pretty sound to us. Its mix of leather, carbon and what looks like Alcantara appears beautifully crafted – with shades of the Lexus LFA’s wondrous cabin – while its simplistic, driver-focussed layout makes a Nissan GT-R look uncouthly cluttered.
Like its predecessor, this NSX concept is badged an Acura, fitting given the car’s mostly US-based development and production plans, with manufacturing set to begin in Ohio in two years.

It will be a petrol-electric hybrid, a mid-mounted V6 engine and an electric motor transferring most power to the rear wheels, with a couple of additional motors turning the front axle. While technical and specification details are scant, expect 400bhp+ and a price tag north of £100,000, putting the new NSX firmly in Audi R8 territory.

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