Mercedes-Benz C-class review, prices and specs

Dan Prosser
22 Dec 2014

Mercedes' latest compact executive car gets S-class style inside and out with impressive driving dynamics

Evo Rating: 
Ride and handling, cabin quality, value
Noisy diesel engines

evo Verdict

The Mercedes C-class is among the very best small executive saloon cars on the market. It’s handsome, the cabin is very well appointed and the dynamics combine a very comfortable ride with sharp, controlled handling.

The vast majority of UK models will be fitted with a diesel engine. There is a range of three four-cylinder turbodiesel units to choose from; the entry-level engine is underpowered for this class of car, but the more powerful versions return plenty of performance. They’re refined at speed, too, although they can be noisy when cold and under hard acceleration.

Running costs are good for the class, although list prices are fractionally higher than the comparable model by BMW. Overall, the C-class is a very difficult car to find significant fault with.

evo Tip

As with all new cars, be wary of the claimed fuel economy figures. Whereas Mercedes would have you believe that the diesel models will return more than 70mpg, our tests show that high-40s or low-50s is closer to the truth.

On a similar note, private buyers are advised to avoid the hybrid model. It carries a £2500 premium over the comparable diesel-only version, but it doesn’t better it for fuel economy by any significant margin.

evo Comment

‘The C-class is a deeply impressive all-rounder. What stands out is the ride/handling balance; the car is both comfortable and refined at a cruise or around town, but when the road opens up and the driver switches to the Sport+ chassis mode, it becomes agile and supremely well controlled.’

Dan Prosser, road tester

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