Audi TT review, price, specs, 0-60 time and more

David Vivian
18 Aug 2015

The third generation TT moves the game on, reducing weight and adding a high tech interior

Evo Rating: 
£38,900 (Audi TT S)
Sharper dynamics, wonderful interior, best TT yet
Efficiency still trumps entertainment

evo Verdict

The Audi TT Coupe is now into its third-generation and, to drive, it’s the best yet. Although built on the VW Group’s ubiquitous MQB platform, it retains the Audi Space Frame aluminium and steel hybrid construction of the previous models and, as you would expect, is lighter, more efficient and faster than before. But, as ever, the TT’s appeal is as much about style as driving dynamics and while the design update is perhaps a shade conservative (on the outside, at least), it still looks like nothing else, and its cabin is close to a work of art. Sheer desirability is something the new TT has in spades.

evo tip

We had the opportunity to drive the TTS at the Ascari circuit. Completely un-prompted, the Audi test driver that was on hand suggested that we put the TTS into Auto rather than Dynamic mode. We showed her what we’d done with the dampers in the Individual settings and this got an even bigger thumbs-up. Clearly we’re not the only ones that think the car is better when not completely tied down.

Audi TT video

evo Comment

‘The TT has frequently performed reasonably well in evo group tests and, although it’s never been adored for its dynamics, neither has it been abhorred. Nevertheless, it was the cool, curvy shape that sold it to people originally, and, along with the allure of the four-ringed badge, I suspect it is still the TT’s looks that seal most of the deals to this day.’  

Henry Catchpole, Features Editor, evo

Performance and 0-60 time > 0-60mph time of 4.6 seconds is quick enough to put the TTs ahead of its rivals in terms of acceleration.

Engine and gearbox > A manual transmission is standard in the TTS, with an S-tronic ‘box that adds a launch control function available as an option.

Ride and Handling > Multiple driver modes and the ability to tweak the minutest detail of the car’s driving dynamics means it’s hard to find an ideal setup. We suggest leaving everything in dynamic, apart from the dampers which do better in comfort.

MPG and running costs > The Audi TT isn’t a hugely cheap car at entry level spec, but it does deliver savings in fuel economy and road tax.

Prices, specs and rivals > Prices for the TT start at £30,000, but the car does come with a lot of niceties as standard, including the impressive digital dash. Competition is fierce, with the BMW M235i and entry level Porsche Cayman both encroaching on the TT’s territory.

Interior and tech > A well built interior with a focus on simplicity and technology make the TT a nice place to sit.

Design > The TT’s unique shape has evolved in this latest generation, yet it remains instantly recognisable.

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