Jaguar F-type review - Stunning looks and still able to thrill on the road

evo staff
27 Jul 2016

Fast and attractive with a real feel-good factor, the F-type is the perfect alternative to German rivals

Evo Rating: 
£50,320 to £115,485
Great looks; strong performance; plenty of fun
Heavy; low on steering feel

evo Verdict

As fun and raucous as the V8 is the V6 S would be our choice from the F-type Convertible range –  however, we’d have the V8 R all day long if we were deciding on which of the Coupés to have. The V6 S feels the lightest and most nimble of the drop-tops, with the mechanical LSD adding a good deal of control over the limit. Given the choice between the manual and the 8-speed auto we would go with three pedals, but that’s more a reflection on our predilection for the interaction of self-shifting than a comment on the two pedal option.

It is certainly a beautiful car in either body style, and it  will tempt some people on its looks alone. Dynamically it is a big step on from Jaguar sports cars of the past, with much more precision to the way that it handles. Jaguar has tried to position the F-type between the Porsche Boxster and the 911, and while it can’t beat the Porsches on pure driving thrills (or the supreme value of the Boxster) it is nonetheless a very appealing alternative for those with an aversion to Stuttgart’s products.

evo Tip

Don’t spec the spare wheel. The Convertible's boot is somewhat akin to a mouse’s kitchen in size (and a bachelor mouse at that. One that doesn’t cook very much) and the spare wheel takes up valuable space that you will need if two of you want to go away for more than a weekend.

evo Comment

'The first thing you notice is the steering, which is quite light but also very quick and direct, just like a 458's or an F12's. This would be suicide if the rest of the car couldn't keep up, but the chassis responds to any inputs with alacrity, feeling taut and agile. The whole car feels very accurate and the result is that you have a huge amount of confidence on turn-in to corners.' Henry Catchpole, Features Editor (Jaguar F-type V6 S, evo 183)

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