Caparo T1 convertible

Caparo T1 Evolution

Caparo is planning a more extreme T1 Evolution variant, which has been teased. Picture and details here
7 Aug 2014
Caparo T1

A-Z Supercars: Caparo T1

Formula 1 levels of lightness and cornering power make the Caparo T1 unique
8 Aug 2013
Caparo T1 convertible

Caparo T1 and Mika Hakkinen

Mika Hakkinen Gives John Simister a tour of the Goodwood estate in a Caparo T1. Video and report here
25 Mar 2011
Caparo T1 convertible

Caparo T1 at the Ring

VIDEO: Phil Bennett drives a very fast lap of the Nurburgring's Nordschleife in the F1 car-like Caparo T1
25 Nov 2010
Caparo T1 convertible

Caparo T1 on road

Caparo's Formula 1 car for the road, the mighty T1, faces its biggest challenge on video
21 Apr 2010
Caparo T1 convertible

Caparo race series

Last month the Caparo T1 became the fastest car we’ve ever lapped two-up around the Bedford Autodrome and now you can race one
21 May 2009
Caparo T1 convertible

Caparo T1

Onboard action from the fastest car we've ever tested at Bedford Autodrome. Hang on!
18 May 2009
Caparo T1 convertible

Caparo T1

It's as close as you'll get to an F1 car for the road, but is the extraordinary Caparo T1 a supercar too far?
9 Aug 2007