TVR Griffith

TVR seeking £25m to fund Griffith production 

Over a year after the first car was set to hit our roads, TVR now requires a cash injection in order to commence Griffith production
30 Jun 2020
TVR Tuscan convertible

TVR Tuscan (1999-2006) – review, history, prices and specs

Fast and beautiful, the Tuscan remains one of TVR’s most appealing models, two decades after launch
16 Jun 2019

TVR returns to motorsport with 2018 Le Mans 24hr challenge

TVR is the new technical partner of Rebellion Racing and will compete in the 2018-19 FIA WEC Super Season
5 Apr 2018

Should you buy a used TVR?

TVR’s renaissance is well underway, but past models offer something unique in the world of sports cars. Here’s what you need to know.
26 Nov 2017

TVR sells out 2017 allocation for new car

Lack of images not enough to put off TVR fans, as unreleased car proves successful
28 Aug 2015

Just looking – TVR Griffith 500

Excited for the return of TVR? This vibrant Griffith could satiate you in the meantime
3 Jul 2015

TVR already taking deposits for first new sports car

Huge buzz over sports car brand's relaunch prompts TVR to open deposit books
1 Jul 2015
TVR Tuscan convertible

TVR picture gallery

Rumours of a possible TVR relaunch are once again up in the air. Here's a picture gallery of the greatest TVRs.
11 Jun 2013
TVR Sagaris coupe

TVR sold to UK businessman

Rights to produce new cars wearing the TVR name, and parts have been sold to a British entrepreneur.
10 Jun 2013
TVR Sagaris coupe

TVR Sagaris buying guide

It was the last TVR, and arguably the best car the company ever made. Still highly sought-after, it’s a safe place to put your money, but what should …
8 May 2013

Motormutt hero: TVR 420 SEAC

Richard Meaden has been daydreaming again, this time about a TVR 420 SEAC that he's found through evo's Motormutt used car search engine
23 Mar 2012
TVR Sagaris coupe

TVR model range returns

The TVR Chimaera, Cerbera, Sagaris, Griffith and Tuscan return with 6.2-litre V8 power - and a £100K price-tag
24 Nov 2011

Video: Goodbye Griffith

evo's Harry Metcalfe says a fond farewell to our TVR Griffith 500 and reflects on a wild ride together
29 Jun 2011
TVR Sagaris coupe

TVR Sagaris

TVR's Sagaris was the last of the TVR line and as a consequence better built and sorted than predecessors
17 Nov 2009
TVR Tuscan convertible

Route 66 TVR Tuscan

Lurid green modified TVR Tuscan shows off the work of performance car tuner
27 Feb 2009
TVR Sagaris coupe

TVR Sagaris review - TVR's maddest modern creation

It’s still here, and it’s more enjoyable than ever
8 Dec 2006
TVR Sagaris coupe

TVR ups its game

Smolenski sets sights on overseas markets
25 Jul 2006
TVR Sagaris coupe

TVR Sagaris

evo's Roger Green takes out a TVR Sagaris to find out whether it is actually 'the ultimate track day and road car'
12 Jun 2006
TVR Tuscan convertible

BMW Z4 M Group Test

BMW's new Z4 M Roadster takes on the Porsche Boxster S, TVR Tuscan and Alpina Roadster S
4 May 2006
TVR Sagaris coupe

TVR Sagaris

With its wild vents and 406bhp straight-six, Sagaris is the extreme new face of TVR
30 Apr 2005
TVR Tuscan convertible

TVR Tuscan 2

It's grown up, evolved and lost a few rough edges but the entry-level Tuscan is still one mighty beast
1 Mar 2005