Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid 2020 review – not quite a Fiesta ST rival

Suzuki’s supermini gets a shot in the arm, but at what price? Quite a big one, actually.
15 Jul 2020
Suzuki Swift Sport

Mild-hybrid Suzuki Swift Sport goes on sale

More money, less performance for latest Swift Sport may be a hard sell
1 Jun 2020
Suzuki Swift Sport

CTC Suzuki Swift Sport review

The Suzuki Swift Sport might have the ingredients of a great junior hot hatch, but it's never quite all come together – does CTC fix its issues?
3 Jan 2020
Suzuki Swift hatchback

Suzuki Swift review

The regular Swift and the Swift Sport share many attributes, but the hot hatch fails to live up to expectations
11 Oct 2018
Suzuki Swift Sport

New Suzuki Swift Sport

Lighter and more powerful than its predecessor, the new Swift Sport
16 May 2018
Suzuki Swift Sport

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport review

The Swift Sport is a faster and more mature machine than before, but growing up means some of the fun has been lost
17 Apr 2018
Suzuki Vitara SUV

Suzuki Vitara S review

The Vitara S is one of the more entertaining options for family types forced to put a small crossover on the driveway
21 Mar 2018
Suzuki Swift hatchback

Suzuki Swift review - More fun than a Fiesta?

Latest supermini is an accomplished Fiesta alternative - and whets the appetite for the Swift Sport
14 Jul 2017
Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki Swift joins Geneva supermini fray

New Swift hits the Geneva motor show, with a Swift Sport model expected in 2018
7 Mar 2017

Concept cars - the Suzuki GSX-R/4

Suzuki has rarely tackled the sports car genre; with dedicated track cars becoming more popular, perhaps now is the time?
20 Aug 2016
Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki Swift Sport review

Honest, simple and mature, the Swift Sport remains an affordable evo favourite. More standard kit ups value for money
4 Jul 2016

Suzuki Vitara review, prices, specs and rivals

The Vitara softens up as a mid-size crossover
13 May 2015
Suzuki Swift hatchback

Five-door Suzuki Swift Sport on sale in the UK

For the 2013 range update, Suzuki has added a five-door Swift Sport to the line-up, as well as a Panda-rivalling 4x4 model
10 Jul 2013
Suzuki Swift hatchback

2013 Suzuki Swift Sport SZ-R review and pictures

The Suzuki Swift Sport SZ-R is a black and red hued special edition limited to 100 cars. We drive it
18 Mar 2013
Suzuki Swift hatchback

Suzuki Swift Sport vs £15k hot hatch rivals

The Suzuki Swift Sport takes on six of its closest rivals in our £15,000 hatch shootout.
13 Mar 2013
Suzuki Swift hatchback

Suzuki Swift SZ-R priced

Prices, specs and firmer details of the new Suzuki Swift Sport SZ-R special edition
26 Feb 2013
Suzuki Swift hatchback

RS Twingo vs Swift Sport

Renaultsport’s smallest creation, the Twingo 133, has had a makeover as it attempts to take on the Suzuki Swift Sport in the supermini stakes.
20 Feb 2013
Suzuki Swift hatchback

Suzuki Swift Sport SZ-R

The Suzuki Swift Sport SZ-R is a special edition hot hatchback with new exterior options
14 Jan 2013
Suzuki Swift hatchback

2012 Suzuki Swift Attitude review

We drive Suzuki's 'junior Swift Sport', the insurance friendly, 1.2-engined Swift Attitude
8 Jun 2012
Suzuki Swift hatchback

New Suzuki Swift Attitude

Special edition Swift 'Attitude' offers a sporting Suzuki on a budget
3 Apr 2012

Suzuki previews new concept

The G70 concept will preview all-new lightweight technology for Suzuki's next generation of cars
1 Feb 2012
Suzuki Swift hatchback

New Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki's second generation Swift Sport hot hatchback gets its 2011 Frankfurt show airing
13 Sep 2011
Suzuki Swift hatchback

New Suzuki Swift Sport

Official photo and details of the new generation Suzuki Swift Sport diddy hot hatchback
10 Aug 2011