Fiat Coupe – review, history, prices and specs

One of the most iconic shapes of the 1990s, the Fiat Coupe was also technically intriguing
14 May 2020

The best six-cylinder engines ever – we pick our favourites

Six-cylinder engines can be found in cars of all kinds, good and bad. We collate the very best
13 May 2020
Honda Accord

Honda Accord Type R – review, history, prices and specs

High-revving and focused Type R ethos worked as well on a saloon as it did with the Integra
12 May 2020

What is DRS? Drag Reduction Systems explained

F1’s Drag Reduction System assists overtaking manoeuvres, but how does it work and can it be used on road cars?
11 May 2020
Best cars

The best V8 engines ever – evo staff pick their favourites

What's so special about the bent eight? We break down why it became such a hit, and who makes our favourite V8s today
11 May 2020
Maserati Quattroporte saloon

Maserati Quattroporte

Does the fifth generation Quattroporte have supercar-like running costs alongside its supercar underpinnings
11 May 2020
Lotus Elise convertible

Lotus Elise S1: review, specs and buying guide

Values of the original Elise are on the move, so if you’re after one don’t hang about. Let evo’s guide help you identify your perfect Lotus lightweigh…
10 May 2020

Subaru Impreza P1 vs Mitsubishi Evo VI Tommi Mäkinen Edition

In the late ’90s Mitsubishi and Subaru battled it out for WRC glory. On the road the competition was no less fierce, as we discover by reuniting the E…
9 May 2020

Litchfield: behind the scenes at the famous car tuner

From importing Imprezas to creating a 2000bhp Nissan GT-R, Iain Litchfield talks to evo about his company’s 21-year journey to the position of one of …
8 May 2020
Best cars

Best driver’s cars 2020

We run down the top 20 best driver's cars on the market today
6 May 2020
Lancia Delta Integrale

Lancia Delta Integrale – review, history, prices and specs

The Lancia Delta Integrale was one of the most successful rally cars of the Group A era and is also a sensational road car
5 May 2020

‘The car enthusiast’s guide to surviving the lockdown with your sanity’

Automotive mental health community, Takona maps out its top tips for feeling better and staying sane in lockdown...
5 May 2020

Rotary engined cars: past, present and future

How the Wankel engine works (or doesn’t) and some of the cars to have used it to best effect
2 May 2020

What is a hybrid? Hybrid tech and how it’s used in performance cars

The hybrid performance car is no longer an oxymoron. Here’s how manufacturers are using this new tech to make them better, not just greener
1 May 2020

Visiting Volkswagen Autostadt museum

We popped into to the Volkswagen Autostadt Museum, home of one of the best motoring museums in the world
24 Apr 2020

eCoty 2019: best of the rest

Our six stand-out evo Car of the Year competitors were not the only new cars of 2019 to impress; these are the driver’s cars that shone in each of the…
23 Apr 2020
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Jaguar Project 8 evo reader experience

The Jaguar Project 8 is a 200mph marvel of engineering designed with one purpose in mind: to deliver the thrill of driving. We put some lucky evo read…
14 Apr 2020

evo Car of the Year: the winners 1998 to 2019

It’s the eCoty honour roll – 22 winners and counting, these are our evo Car of the Year winners from over the years
9 Apr 2020

evo encyclopedia: the world of fast cars from A to Z

Every month evo columnist and TV script writer (from a motoring TV show you might have heard of before) Richard Porter debunks automotive jargon
6 Apr 2020

BMW M5 F90 vs E28 M5, RS6, E500 and Lotus Carlton: supersaloons old vs new

From the first to the very latest, we take a dive into the history of the supersaloon with the 1985 BMW M5 E28 and other classics taking on today's mo…
4 Apr 2020

Renault 5 GT Turbo – review, history, prices and specs

Not as wild and bonkers as the mid-engined Turbo, the Renault 5 GT Turbo was still a rather fine hot hatch
1 Apr 2020
Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40 – review, history, prices and specs

Despite having a turbocharged V8 instead of a normally aspirated V12, the F40 is often regarded as the greatest-ever Ferrari road car
21 Mar 2020
evo Car of the Year

eCoty 2019: evo Car of the Year

Our annual evo Car of the Year is here, in print and online
20 Mar 2020
Best Buys

Best electric cars 2020

They’ve taken their time coming, but there are now some genuinely entertaining electric cars on offer – here’s a round-up of our favourites
19 Mar 2020