Long term tests

Hyundai Coupe V6

The amount of time it spends on track is starting to take its toll on the Hyundai’s tyres. The sidewalls of the Dunlop SP9000s take the most abuse, particularly on the front left where the maker’s name has been almost completely rubbed away. I fancy something a little stickier next time, but I’ve been finding it tricky to get something in the right size. As it is, the 225/40/18s already occasionally brush the wheelarch under heavy loading through long bends.

The Coupe has been on track twice this month, and both days were at Castle Combe in Wiltshire. Combe is a brilliant track - fast and bumpy, and complicated by technical, cresting curves with the sensation of speed heightened by the ring of tyre-walls just a few feet from the track.

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The first visit was for our evoactive trackday, where the Hyundai mixed it with readers’ cars, surprising more than a few with its pace and agility. Second time out was an industry event where staff from the various manufacturers’ PR offices get together and drive each others’ cars. They were free to cherry-pick which cars they’d like to play in, and the poor Coupe barely stood still - the only time we got it back was at lunchtime for refuelling!

Yet despite the six hours of track abuse everything still felt spot-on for the long journey home. Having said that, fresh brake pads and a well-earned service are in order, both scheduled for the next few weeks.

Running Costs

Date acquiredAugust 2005
Total mileage10,534
Costs this month£0
Mileage this month660
MPG this month24.6mpg

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