This Month's evo: September 2006 evo (issue 95)

The best front-driver of all time in a 15-car shootout; Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder v Ferrari F430 Spider; Jaguar KKR at Nürburgring

Planet evo

We have an interview with Damon Hill, and Jethro and Harry have been driving up some chap’s drive in Sussex. Plus we've got all the latest from the London motor show.


Our secret Italian hideaway has been infiltrated by a reader - he spills the lupini beans. Meanwhile, the joys of a 2CV are extolled and someone suggests planting a new forest (a bit like the one in Hampshire, perhaps?) to make evo carbon-neutral


  • BMW 335i
  • Lotus Elise S
  • Chrysler 300C CRD Touring
  • SEAT Leon FR
  • Daihatsu Sirion SX
  • 9ff Cayman
  • Alpina D3
  • Toyota MR2 TTE Turbo

The Greatest Front-Wheel-Drive Car Ever!

From roadsters to coupes to hot hatches, we take 15 of the greatest front-drivers and whittle them down to five. Plus one. Then we torque-steer across to a particular corner of Wales and try to pick a winner. John Barker and Richard Meaden are your three-wheeling adjudicators in this definitive test

Ferrari F430 Spider v Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Arachnophilia. This mishmash of Latin and Greek is the word that we here at evo use to describe our love of spiders (or, if you prefer, spyders) as stunning as the F430 and Gallardo

SLK55 AMG Black Series

Lighter, louder and devoid of a folding roof, the new "Black Series" SLK signals a promising new direction for Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach. We get behind the wheel to find out just how serious it is, and then take a peek inside the AMG workshop at a few of the company's more individual creations

Nürburgring testing with the new Jaguar XKR

Dickie Meaden gets what he's always wanted: a drive in a nightmarishly scary 24-hour race amongst other nutters on the most terrifying circuit on the planet. Sounds like fun.

Westfield XI to Le Mans (take two)

The little A-series engine didn't quite make it to Le Mans last month, but now our team of Westfield-builders are trying again, and this time they have encouragement from two other Elevens. Will they make it? Will sartorial elegance ever be the same again? Peter Tomalin is your novelist

Mini Cooper Buying Guide

All the greats have owned one, so you really should snap one up while you still can. Red ones with white roofs are slightly faster, and 15in wheels are a must. I'd offer about £9K for the one in this shoot and see how you get on

Fast Fleet

Not since Henry V started waffling on about St Crispin's day has there been a more majestic band of men in France than our long-term fleet. And talking of nobility, his Harryship has bought a Zonda

The Knowledge

Every performance car reviewed and rated (as they used to say).

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