Electric Westfield racer

Westfield unveils its electric racing car, the iRACER. Sub-5sec to 60mph and 737lb ft

British sports car company Westfield has announced its entry into the world’s first electric vehicle racing series - the EV cup.  Dubbed the iRACER, this Westfield is fairly typical of what we’ve come to expect from the Dudley based firm. Lightweight? Check. The target weight is just 600kg. Track focused? Check. We spy trackday tyres and aerodynamics capable of proper downforce.  In fact, the only factor breaking the mould is the powerplant. It features a pair of electric motors and lithium-ion batteries. Power and torque are modest and spectacular, respectively, at 106bhp and 737lb ft. 0-60mph takes less than five seconds while the top speed is 110mph. To even out the weight distribution for optimal handling, Westfield decided to put over half (100kg) of the batteries underneath the car, keeping the centre of gravity low. There is also provision for moving the batteries to different locations, meaning teams could use bespoke setups catering for each individual track they visit.   Range is quoted at 55 miles per charge, ‘under racing conditions’. We take this to mean the majority of that distance will be at wide-open throttle. It will take two hours to recharge the batteries once you’ve had your fun, denying it any endurance racing credentials for the moment…


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