Audi Q5 review – interior and tech

Becoming dated by Audi standards, but otherwise superbly built and tech is still top-notch

Evo rating
from £38,035
  • Impressive powertrains; well put together
  • Less engaging to drive than some rivals; thirsty petrol variants

Being a generation (or two) behind the latest Audi interior design language, one might expect the Q5’s cabin and tech to be behind the curve – this is not the case. Aside from the removal of the MMI system’s click-wheel interface, the interior is largely unchanged, and while that does represent a challenge when it comes to using the touchscreen, the rest of the cabin remains as solid and intuitive as ever. 

Ergonomically, the interior is arguably best in class, with all the controls being concise and perfectly placed. If there is something lacking, it is any form of charisma, especially when in Audi’s typically sombre standard colour palette. The interior can be lifted with some intelligent option box ticking, but that will quickly raise the Q5’s price into Range Rover Velar territory, a car which leaves the Q5 for dead in terms of premium SUV desirability. Despite the gloomy palette, the sheer build quality still shines through, and looks and feels like it should outlast even the most destructive children.

Thanks to the blocky silhouette the Q5 is usefully spacious inside too, with a wide, child-seat-friendly rear bench and vast boot, but overall capacity is still too close for comfort to better handling options such as the A4 Avant and BMW 3-series Touring.

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