Audi Q7 review - lighter, more efficient and loaded with tech, but should you buy one? - MPG and running costs

Better to drive and plenty of tech, but still behind rivals

Evo rating
from £50,340
  • Space and practicality mix with Audi quality
  • The driving equivalent of beige; expensive if you dive into the options

With a brace of 3.0-litre TDI models on offer, economy and emissions are similar regardless of power output – though those opting for the lower-power diesel do still see a small advantage across both metrics.

The key figure is up to 49.6mpg combined for the 215bhp car, provided you stick with the standard 18-inch alloy wheels. Upgrade to 19in or 20in wheels and that drops to 48.7mpg, and 21in wheels see the figures fall further, to 45.6mpg. That in turn results in CO2 emissions of either 148, 150 or 161g/km. The lowest of those requires only £145 a year in VED.

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The 268bhp car doesn’t have an 18in wheel option, so combined economy starts at 47.9mpg with 153g/km of CO2 on the 19- or 20-inch wheel options. Opt for the fashionably-large 21-inch wheels and the average drops to 45.6mpg and 163g/km.

For reference, the best a Cayenne Diesel can manage is 41.5mpg, while BMW just breaks the 50mpg barrier with its X5 xDrive25d and 47.9mpg with the 254bhp X5 xDrive30d. 

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