Ferrari F430 coupe

Ferrari F430 used buying guide 

With some sensible checks and research, Modena’s V8 ‘baby Enzo’ could be yours from £60k
24 Jan 2020
used cars

Best used cars for sale this week

We’ve delved into the classifieds and chosen our favourite cars for sale this week
23 Jan 2020

Best driving games out now

Are you a fan of virtual racing? These are the top ten driving games out now
21 Jan 2020

Top 10 most expensive cars ever sold at auction

The super-rich spend vast sums of money to own the world’s most desirable cars, but which are the most expensive ever sold at auction?
21 Jan 2020
Best cars

Best performance cars 2020 – the best of the bunch on sale right now

Supercars, hot hatchbacks or supersaloons – regardless of body style these are our favourite performance cars on sale today
21 Jan 2020
tyre reviews

Best winter tyres 2020

What’s the best winter tyre on the market? We test the latest winter rubber to find a winner
20 Jan 2020

Lotus's badge-engineered specials: from Cortina to Carlton and VX220

Some collaborations more secretive than others, a handful of models have received backing from Lotus over the years. We've gathered the very best
19 Jan 2020
Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS500 v Audi RS3 – new v used

One’s an eight-year-old Ford, the other a brand new Audi. But which of these five‑cylinder superhatches deserves your £45k?
18 Jan 2020

Honda Prelude - review, history, prices and specs

High-tech coupe ran over five generations, covering everything from cruisers to proper front-drive sports cars
14 Jan 2020
Toyota GT 86

Toyota GT86 v Mazda MX-5 v Abarth 124 Spider – lightweight sports car shootout

Three affordable sports cars from Japan and, er, Japan battle it out on the Yorkshire Dales
14 Jan 2020

The best racing games of all time

An even trickier task than deciding on the best supercar, we run down the very best racing games of all time
13 Jan 2020
Ford Puma coupe

Ford Puma - review, history, prices and specs

The Ford Puma is a performance bargain, with a sweet chassis and great choice of engines
13 Jan 2020
Ford Escort RS Cosworth

Ford Escort RS Cosworth buying guide

28 years old in 2020, we look back at what made the Escort 'Cossie' significant - and what to look for when buying
9 Jan 2020
Bugatti Veyron coupe

Bugatti Veyron: review, history and specs of an icon

The Chiron might have taken its place, but Bugatti’s first no-expenses-spared hypercar has firmly cemented its place in automotive history as one of t…
8 Jan 2020

Cat A, B, S, and N cars: insurance write-off categories explained

Cat S and Cat N cars in the classifieds may appeal to bargain hunters, but don’t buy before you know the full story...
7 Jan 2020
used cars

Best used cars to buy now

Want a used performance car that’s great to drive and affordable? Whatever your budget, we’ve got some suggestions for you.
7 Jan 2020

VED car tax changes: all you need to know about road tax 

We explore the latest UK VED road tax rules, including those focusing on NOx emissions in diesel cars sold from April 2018
7 Jan 2020
Best cars

Best hypercars 2020 – our all-time top 10 reviewed and rated

Crazy fast and madly expensive – these are our top ten best hypercars of all time
6 Jan 2020

Ferrari F50 – review, history, prices and specs

With a Formula 1-derived V12, a manual gearbox and a carbonfibre chassis, the F50 was cutting edge in its day and is now revered as one of the ultimat…
6 Jan 2020
hot hatchback

Best hot hatches 2020

The hot hatchback class is continually evolving, but for the moment these 10 cars are the cream of the crop
3 Jan 2020

Honda Integra Type-R DC2 – review, history, prices and specs

The first Honda to wear the Type-R badge, the Integra, was an instant hit with keen drivers and today is still lauded as one of the best front-wheel d…
1 Jan 2020
Porsche Carrera GT convertible

Porsche Carrera GT – review, history, prices and specs

Before the debut of the bonkers 918, the Porsche Carrera GT was the holy grail as far as Porsche hypercars were concerned and it’s still a stunning dr…
30 Dec 2019
Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS Mk1 – review, history, prices and specs

It could be unruly but the hottest of the first-generation Focus models was a blisteringly quick and rewarding machine
28 Dec 2019