Used car deals of the week

We’ve perused the used car pages so you don’t have to. Here’s what caught evo’s fancy this week

The used car market can be a fickle and intimidating place to find your dream performance motor, but dig deep enough and there’s plenty to take even the most picky buyer’s fancy. Britain’s second-hand market is full of fascinating used buys that are often available for a fraction of their as-new price. 

There’s also the added fun and excitement of finding something just that little bit special, in both rarity and the capability they can provide for the money. As such we feel it is our duty to do some of the hard work for you, digging out our favourite second-hand buys every week.

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Best used car deals of the week

Below are our best used car spots of the week...

Mercedes-AMG GT R (2017)


Though the GT R Pro and Black Series both offer more performance, there’s no doubt that AMG’s original hardcore GT is still an outstanding performance machine. Powered by the same 4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 as it’s siblings, 677bhp and 516lb ft of torque are sent to the rear for a 3.6sec 0-62mph time and 198mph top speed. 

> 2021 Mercedes-Benz SL spied before debut later this year

Though it costs over £175,000 new, after 22,800 miles on the road this 2017 example can be yours for well under the £100,000 mark. Finished in the GT R’s trademark Green Hell Magno paint (a £7250 option) and with plenty of optional carbonfibre plus optional carbon ceramic brakes, it strikes us as a hell of supercar for the money.

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Lexus IS F (2011)


Lexus has revived the performance IS derivative with the new IS500 F Sport in overseas markets, but sadly it’s unlikely to make it to the UK. If that recipe still appeals though, this 2011 IS-F shares more with its contemporary equivalent than Lexus might want to admit, and with a staggeringly low odometer reading could be yours for a very reasonable sum. Under the bonnet is the same 5-litre naturally-aspirated V8 as the new car, but peaks at a lower 417bhp and 372lb ft output. It’s acceleration is still impressive though, with 0-62mph achieved in a reasonable 4.8sec, topping out at 168mph. 

> Lexus IS500 F Sport revealed – naturally aspirated V8 sports saloon is back

Painted in black, this car comes equipped with a 14-speaker Mark Levinson sound system, 19-inch wheels and most notably, only 28,000 miles on the clock – rather impressive considering the six-figure miles many examples have covered.

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Volkswagen Golf R (Mk7, 2016)


The Volkswagen Golf R has made plenty of appearances in our favourite used cars list, and for good reason. Though it has garnered somewhat of a questionable image over the years, the Mk7-generation car became the benchmark for the all-wheel drive hot hatch, offering a superb driving experience mixed with a Golf’s ease and quality. When equipped with a manual, its 300bhp, 280lb ft output is enough for a 5.2sec 0-62mpoh and 155mph top speed. 

> Volkswagen Tiguan R priced from £45,915 in UK

Once initial depreciation has taken hold, the Golf R seems reluctant to drop any further for the time being. Nevertheless, this manual, 31,630-mile Lapiz Blue car is on the market for £18,398.

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Mercedes-AMG S65 Coupe (2016)


While a 2-ton Mercedes might not be the obvious choice for those looking for a thrill, with 738lb ft of torque sent to the rear in an elegant, luxurious package, the S65 Coupe is perhaps one exception. Once the pinnacle of Mercedes-AMG’s range, the brand’s 6-litre twin-turbocharged V12 is what lies under the bonnet, producing huge torque and a healthy 630bhp. Despite sending that power to the rear alone, 0-62mph happens in 4.1sec.

> 2021 Mercedes-AMG S-class spied – next S63 to pack hybrid V8

As is the case with all German V12s, depreciation is eye-watering. With prices starting from around £180,000 when new, this car has lost over £100,000 in value in its five year lifetime, meaning you can pick it up today for under £70,000. Unfortunately, running costs don’t correspond with value, but with the V12 becoming rarer by the day, perhaps it’s a punt worth taking…

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McLaren 675LT (2015)


The McLaren lineup has officially entered its next generation with the launch of the all-new Artura. Though the use of trick hybrid tech and a new V6 power plant is a refreshing change under its new clamshell, the appeal of its predecessors V8s still remains. The 675LT was the first ‘Longtail’ since certain variants of the iconic F1 GTR, and transformed the 650S with its sharpened styling, a revised chassis setup and boost in performance.

> New McLaren Artura revealed – all-new hybrid supercar to rival Ferrari F8 Tributo

Its devilish 666bhp and 516lb ft of torque are produced from the venerable 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8, firing the 675LT from standstill to 62mph in only 2.9sec and onto a 205mph top speed. Being limited to only 500 units one would assume prices are sky high, but thanks to the current state of the high performance car market, this 2170-mile Silica white example could be yours for £179,900, or less than the new Artura.

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Audi R8 V10 (2009)


The current Audi R8 is an excellent performance car, but as with so many modern sports cars, two pedals is the only option. As such, the previous-generation manual is more appealing than ever, and while it lacks the current version’s headline 611bhp power figure, 518bhp and 391lb ft of torque is still plenty.

> Audi RS e-tron GT revealed – high-performance EV to rival Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S

This 68,500-mile example might sound high for a supercar, but with a near-full Audi service history and vault-like build quality it might not be such an issue. Fitted with the desirable manual transmission, this Sepang blue example has a host of optional extras such as an uprated Bang & Olufsen sound system, trademark carbonfibre side blades and more.

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BMW M2 Competition (2018)


The BMW M2 Competition was a big step up over the previous M2, headlined with the fitment of the real, M-developed S55 under the bonnet. But its dynamics were also a marked improvement, making it one of the finest rear-drive sports cars on the market today. It produced 414bhp and 406lb ft of torque, helping it get along to 62mph in 4.2sec when equipped with the dual clutch transmission.

> BMW 128ti 2021 review – the Golf GTI’s worst nightmare

You’ll pay from around £55,000 for a new example, but after 41,545 miles on the road, this stealthy black car could be yours for a very reasonable £36,300, not much more than the new front-drive 128ti...

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Aston Martin DBS Superleggera (2018) 


The DBS Superleggera goes head-to-head with the likes of Ferrari’s 812 Superfast as a continent-crossing coupe with performance to worry all-out supercars. But unlike its rival from Maranello, its V12 power plant is complimented by a pair of turbochargers, helping it reach an output of 715bhp and 664lb ft of torque for a 3.4sec 0-62mph time and 211mph top speed. 

> Aston Martin DBS Superleggera review – a mighty V12 GT with supercar speed

Prices start from £225,000 when new, but this 2018 example has already been hit with considerable depreciation at £149,990, a staggering saving of over £75,000, when options are taken into consideration. Alongside its special AML red paint, a Bang Olufsen sound system, under bonnet jewellery pack and more come equipped.

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Ferrari FF (2012)


The practical Ferrari is a rare breed, even more so now the FF’s GTC4 Lusso successor has now ceased production. While the GTC4 featured a number of upgrades, the FF’s specs still stack up nicely in 2021, with 651bhp and 504lb ft of torque available from its glorious 6.3-litre naturally-aspirated V12. 

> Ferrari ‘Breadvan’ returns – Niels van Roij reveals 550-based homage

Despite the increasing rarity of NA V12 Ferraris, this 41,000-mile Nero Daytona example is available for just £89,900. It comes with a set of 20-inch forged wheels, and a handful of optional carbon fibre trim, the optional passenger display, front and rear axle lift systems, sports exhaust and more.

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McLaren 570S (2016)


There’s no question that the McLaren 570S is an outstanding driver’s machine, and despite the imminent arrival of its new hybrid replacement, remains a superb junior supercar. Powered by an 8500rpm 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8, 570bhp and 443lb ft of torque propel it from standstill to 62mph in 3.2sec and onto a 204mph top speed, impressive numbers by anyone’s standards. 

> McLaren 570S 2020 review - alert, engaging, better than an Audi R8?

An added bonus is that its values right now are temptingly low, with this silver example priced at £88,850 after covering just 13,467 miles – to put that into perspective, the aforementioned BMW M5 CS would set you back an additional £50,000...

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Peugeot 208 GTi (2015)


In both standard and later Peugeot Sport forms, the 208 GTi was a highly entertaining hot hatch. While some thought the Fiesta ST provided a little more for the driver, the Peugeot’s superb 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder was arguably an even sweeter unit, and sent a very healthy 208bhp and 221lb ft to the front axle for a quoted 6.5sec 0-62mph time and 143mph top speed in PS form. 

> Peugeot 208 GTi and GTi by Peugeot Sport review - a return to 205 GTi form?

42,100 miles and six years after it left the factory this white example could be yours for just £8750. Future variants are set to feature some form of electrification, so perhaps now is the time to bag yourself the final pure-combustion GTi from the French marque… 

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Bugatti Veyron (2007)


The Bugatti Veyron was a real Concorde moment when it was revealed, and although the recent Bolide boasts unrivalled performance figures, it remains one mighty performer even 15 years on. Powered by the same W16 as the track-only concept, it’s capable of a 2.46sec 0-62mph time and a 253mph top speed – figures most performance cars still can’t match today.

> 1825bhp Bugatti Bolide revealed as 310mph track-only hypercar

That Bolide might well be stealing all the headline, but that same W16 powertrain could be yours in this tastefully-specced, 15,535-mile Veyron for under the £1,000,000 mark. It’s still not cheap, but given the Veyron’s legendary status in the automotive history books, it might just be a worthy investment. 

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